Single as a Pringle



Hello internet, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Or, as my roommate likes to refer to it as, singles awareness day. As a tried and true singleton myself, I am dedicating this post to a topic near and dear to me heart – why being single rocks. I love being single to the point that I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life with little old me. It’s not as bad as it sounds. And it’s definitely not just because I love the sound of my own voice…or staring deeply into my dazzling eyeballs.

When I reaaaally think it through, the the reason I love being on my own so much boils down to one thing: I’m really quite selfish. Do I honestly want to be sharing my box of gorgeous chocolates with someone else? That answer is no – come hither my calorie laden morsels! But on a more serious note, more than anything, I cherish the time I have to myself. I love being selfish and having all this time to pursue the things I love and enjoy. For me, this means working towards a degree, working on my mindfulness and also discovering myself…who I am, what I want in life. And that can be difficult, when you’re young and in luuurv… to distinguish their ideas from your own. To make decisions that reflect your own ethical and moral intellect without being swayed by your other half.

I’ve seen with my own eyes, couples practically morphing into one, single minded, passionate creature willing to sacrifice all they’ve worked towards in the name of love. (Alright, alright it was probably some show on TLC. But let’s be real now, TLC is the shizz). So before I backflip my way into any kind of relationship, I’d like to first be confident with who I am and know I can still hold my own if life throws a little Romeo and Juliet stitch my way. Which, to be fair, is not happening anytime soon. I can barely decide on an Instagram caption without having a minor meltdown moment.

More reasons why being single is bliss:

1. Spending entire weekends with you, yourself and your laptop. This girl be doing what I want, when I want – no questions asked.
2. Your best friend is your boyfriend, fairy godmother and personal therapist all wrapped up into one. Boyfriend who???
3. You can daydream about Jamie Dornan, guilt free.
4. You’re officially that cool girl who sits alone at obscure cafes, sipping on lattes and reading a book.
5. Going full blown CIA, undercover with your friends to scout out potential cuties.
6. Having time for yourself means more time for your family and friends and to cultivate your dreams into reality. You worked hard to get where you are, eyes on the prize.
7. Solo travel trips are crazy enviable. Get lost in a new city, find adventure, grow, be free… the wanderlust is real, oh my gosh.
8. Belting out Single Ladies at the top of your lungs, and meaning it.
9. Being alone will teach you to be happy with yourself and your own skin. Because you know your worth, you won’t settle for less. One day you’ll find the perfect gentleman or gentlelady…som_eone who dreams up constellations from your stars, rather than fills up your holes. You can take care of yourself.


Here’s to all the single ladies (and men),


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