Day 2: Black Licorice

Hello all! It is officially day 2 of the 17 day challenge, and I’m still going strong. And by strong, I mean writing this post an hour before day 3 arrives.

Vest: Vintage DIY/ Dress: Boathouse/ Socks: Aeropostale/ Boots: Joe Fresh


The weather was honestly so gorgeous today. But of course, I decided to spend the day lounging in my PJ’s, binge watching my latest k-drama obsession. At some point during the day though, my laptop started exploding with messages from friends wondering about my disappearing act. That’s when it dawned upon me that a new semester had just begun…and I was far, far from the sweet little town my University resides in.

I think there comes a time, or two or three, in an individual’s life where we’re forced to take a step back and wander away from the beaten path. For me, it was the decision to take a break from school and find the time to re-discover myself, my passions and where I want to be in life. I believe, for many of us, we’ve grown up with predispositions of how life should play out. The fall after high school, with our cap and gowns safely tucked away, we’ll step into the arms of the campus we’ll call home for the next four or so years. A one shot kind of deal. I was surprised though, how excited and joyful my friends were about my decision. And with this, I’ve realized I’m finally ready to take the plunge and enter a new chapter of my life – guilt free!

Song of the day:


Some photos from my day at the beach earlier this week!

The setting sun is seriously one of the most magical things on Earth. There’s something so beautiful about the fading colours, as the sun says its final farewell for the day. Softly, softly, just as the moon sings its arrival.


One of my favourite statues. It reminds me of Neverland and the nostalgia of childhood.


On the road amidst the glowing lights and company of those heading home.

See you tomorrow!


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