Hello Weekend

Day 6
To celebrate the mother’s day weekend, my family and I brought my grandma along for an overnight trip to Niagara Falls. We arrived to our hotel during the early evening, taking in the killer view. Despite the fact that I’ve been here countless times, the thundering of water crashing against rock always seems to fill me with a sense of ease and renewed appreciation for the raw beauty of our Earth.

Our hotel view overlooking the falls and the setting sun.

I can’t quite remember who (I’ll link the post if I remember), but recently I read a blog post reflecting on our tendency to recall the negatives rather than the positives in life. To combat this, she encouraged us all to spend more time appreciating the good things in our daily lives to keep negative thoughts away from memory. I love this idea and decided to share my list of positives for the day:

1) Catching up with a close friend, and seeing her growth as an artist. I’ll be blogging about her later this week.
2) Spending a lazy evening with my family, strolling around.
3) The balmy spring weather, and witnessing our garden plants blossom from the Earth’s soil. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most.

  11186382_845700828830604_1006315153_n 11208836_845700738830613_478445711_n  IMG_3414 11225916_845700782163942_134144412_n

Catch up with me tomorrow as I venture into day seven of my seventeen day challenge!


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