Damsel in Distressed Denim

After a year of journeying malls far and wide, I found my perfect boyfriend jean in the form of light wash denim, 50% off and two sizes too big. “You’ll never make it work,” they said. “Wasted money,’ they said. Yet here I am: a few washes, two folded hems and a single “quick fix” button from the dollar store later. Cue the emotional ballad.

Being a total tomboy, my heart has always been taken away by the world of androgynous fashion. I love how with a simple jean, you can spice up a basic outfit, or take something sweet like these platform heels and add a little rough and tumble to the mix.

Though now my heart flutters at the mention of white footwear, it’s something 14-year old me would never fathom wearing. Somehow though, I find myself gravitating towards this style more and more. There’s just something so fun and playful with a good old pair of chunky, white sandals like the ones I have here from Boathouse. To add a little bit of sporty chic, I threw on this black, mesh baseball cap from Aritzia. The price had me dripping tears, but I’m so in love!

Hat: Aritzia/ Ribbed Mock-neck: RW&Co/ Bag: Topshop/ Jeans: Gap/ Platforms: Boathouse

Song of the day:

Thanks for taking the time to read this post ^_^ For any Canadian readers out there, I hope you’re all having a wonderful Victoria Day long weekend!


4 thoughts on “Damsel in Distressed Denim

  1. Sadie says:

    Love this outfit! I really, really need to invest in a pair of distressed jeans, I might just head to The Gap to find myself a pair 🙂 Your heels are adorable too, the perfect way to add a touch of femininity to a sporty outfit.

    Sadie | maybeitismay.com


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