Thailand Travels: Your Ordinaries

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Canada, you say, is my home. And this foreign land, where temperatures hit 40 degrees on the daily and elephants walk the streets, is yours. Here, your ordinaries are the very things taking my breath away. Like the palm tree -lined forests and sloping mountains blanketed in mist, or the blur of neon lights and street vendors when we make our way into the tropical night. Such curiously beautiful sights, we traverse the dusty roads, watching as your ordinary turned into my extraordinary.

I shift my weight to one foot, noticing how the lighting here is different from that industrial town of ours. Here,there’s a certain warmth to the air; brownish yellow lighting that follows us wherever we go.  Back home, everything is tinged grey and the light shines clear.

I look out towards the open water and imagine the feisty, boyish ball of energy they say you were. Those summer days spent river tubing and nights nodding to sleep on temple floors. The echoes of your childhood bouncing off rising mountaintops and palm tree leaves, swaying in the still air – watching you, welcoming you back. I can almost hear the screams of laughter when you would cling onto rubber tires, tumbling and spilling past rushing waters. The scent of spicy papaya salad and bubbling bottles of coca cola…

“Let’s go,” your voice rings, breaking the silence. The dried up waterfalls and abandoned rubber tires become apparent. And so we turn our backs and walk away from ghosts of the past.


Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting these past few weeks, I’ve just had the worst case of writer’s block that refused to leave my system. Hopefully I’ll be writing more soon, though this will probably be one of, if not, the last of the Thailand posts. Thanks for stopping by and perusing through one of my more vivid travel memories. It was so interesting to learn more about what my mom’s childhood was like! Kind of sad to think that these abandoned places used to be major hangout spots for teens and kids alike.

Until next time!


11 thoughts on “Thailand Travels: Your Ordinaries

  1. ridajafar says:

    Ok um THESE PHOTOS. They are unreal. That last one of the road, I might just save it as my iphone background it’s so beautiful. And um YOUR WRITING. This was so beautiful to read. It reminds me of Pakistan so you know it hit home. I don’t know how you do it girl, you’re too talented. Definitely worth the wait!

    Liked by 1 person

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