Adventures of a Late Night Taste Tester

No family vacation is ever complete without a hot, steamy bowl of instant noodles. At least, not in this household. There’s just something so cozy and acutely ‘us’ about sitting around in a hotel room with the sound of the crinkly, little bags being ripped open.

After flouncing about in the heat of a quaint riverside city this past trip, we stopped by a local grocery store. Skipping across the sun baked parking lot I pushed my way through air conditioned haven and into the beloved aisle of instant noodles. As I rummaged the shelves, I realized that 7 years as your friendly neighbourhood veg head has taught me a lot…like how to pick out meat free products in record time. As the fam started heading towards the cash register though, I was left empty handed and frantically scanning the aisle like a lifeguard on duty. Rows of little packs filled with shrimp flakes and beef powder glazed my eyeballs, but no vegetarian options in sight! How could this even happen? This is the 21st century people, vegetarian kimchi powder for everyone, please and thanks!

Fast forward the following day. After a day of boat rides, walking along the city’s Harbour and listening to the crooning of some Blues music (new blog post coming soon), we happened upon a little Korean grocery store. Score!


Haggard and ravenous for one of these unhealthy little guys I hustled my way past the bean pastes, only to be disappointed as none of my tried and trues lined the shelves. Bleak and unhopeful, I scanned the aisle until my eyes gazed upon a bright red package with a vintage cartoon depicting a blonde hair, blue eyed lil’ dude prancing across the front package, advertising its sesame oil flavoured contents. Huh.

Current time: 12AM
Mood: Hangry

Tearing open the package, the chunk of hard packed noodles seemed suddenly daunting, so I decided to only eat half. Good decision on my part, because soon after I realized the whole meal comes to a whopping 450 calories! Not that I expect any instant noodle to be healthy, but still.

After leaving the noodles to boil for three minutes, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The flavour’s pretty simple as it consists plainly of a sesame oil flavour. What I like about this is though, is that it tastes very much like a home cooked, Japanese soup – it goes down so smoothly! Definitely doesn’t have the spices or kimchi kick I’m used to (which wasn’t to be expected), but I think it would taste amazing with a boiled egg and some steamed veggies. Though a recent discovery, I’d definitely recommend these noodles – especially if you’re looking for something homey to warm your heart!

Rating: 3.5/5

Noodles: Wheat flour, palm oil, contains less than 2% of salt, potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate, tocopherols.
Soup Base: Salt, soy sauce powder (soybeans, wheat, salt, dextrin), sugar, MSG, chicken flavoring ***so apparently this actually contains legit chicken fat. Oh well. We live and we learn!!, (contains egg powder), caramel color, hydrolyzed plant (corn, soy, wheat), protein, spices, garlic powder, dehydrated green onion, citric acid, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate.
Seasoning oil: Sesame oil, rice oil, annatto extract spices.

Until next time,


8 thoughts on “Adventures of a Late Night Taste Tester

  1. The Girl and the Paper Castle says:

    Ooh! I love instant ramen noodles. When I was little I used to eat it for lunch or snack religiously. And I even like eating the noodles raw. haha.
    Eating ramen noodles at 12 am on vacation seems like something my family and I would do too, and I know what you mean about the “cozy” feeling.
    Lovely lovely post! As always. 🙂

    Love, M.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rosyblush says:

    OMG EATING THEM RAW IS THE BEST THING EVER. I remember back in the 1st and 2nd grade, bringing a pack to school was equivalent to instant popularity. Well, at least for that lunch break hahaha. Thanks so much for stopping by, I always love seeing your name on my blog!


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