Moments on Film: My Happy Place

I always hear people talking about their happy place. It’s that thought or place where your heart stretches open and you’re flooded with a certain calm happiness. For me, my happy place is being out on open waters. What’s yours? Please think of one, like, now, because this is solid first date material. Or maybe just the kind of thing you discuss in your psychiatrist’s office.






Now that I’ve been back in the city for a few days, I decided to take a moment to reflect on my favourite moments out on the water.

A List of Favourite Moments

  1. Looking out into the dock, and seeing clouds filling the sky, almost as if it was swallowing the Earth.

2. Capturing the passing scenery on film, and knowing there are no re-takes – my version of thrill-seeking.

3. Watching vacationers sunbathe outside their Island vacation homes. Then wanting to swap places with that one little boy, waving from the rocks. We’ll call it an exchange program of sorts – I swear I won’t break your dad’s jet ski and remember to feed your pet monkey “Willis” whenever, where ever.

4.Taking in the scenery! Sweet little pathways and bridges dotted the islands on our river path.

5. Breathing in the fresh, open air with the sun shining down on me. Because we all know the dim glow of our computer screens (sadly) don’t provide us with that much needed vitamin D.

6. Sticking my head out of the boat, and feeling the wind sweep across my face. It’s like being re-born again, seriously. Or if you’d rather not spend $40 on a boat ride, this face mask will suffice. I’ve tried it, my sister’s tried it and we both agree that peeling off the mask is what exiting the womb would be like.

7.Watching the boat’s motor. There’s just something so dreamy about the way the waves meld with oncoming sea foam. It’s so freaking captivating and one of nature’s simpler beauties. I know. I’m a 5 year old child.

What’s your happy place?


2 thoughts on “Moments on Film: My Happy Place

  1. ridajafar says:

    My happy place is spending time with you hehehehe so cheesy hehe! LOL but I loved reading this, and I can relate with every little thing, I love taking in scenery and just relaxing and enjoying the view. Love the pictures btw! Glad you had a fun trip!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rosyblush says:

    Oh you. I feel the same way! And yes, oh my gosh. This is why we’d be perfect travel buddies!! The proof is in the pudding. And thank you, my photography skills are sloooowly improving (:


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