Halloween Candy

I was laying under my covers, when the need to write hit me like a brick in the face – and that’s something I definitely can’t pass up. Some of you may have noticed how October has been a blog-less month for me, in part, due to this unrelenting bout of writer’s block . My slightly overflowing ‘drafts’ folder is proof of this!

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 11.03.25 PM
(Note to self: read more books, expand your mind and stop binge watching Jake Gyllenhaal interviews. Especially ones involving Jimmy Fallon.)

Each time I sat in front of the screen, my chest would tighten and my brain turned blank. For this reason, I was never able to explain my overzealous candy giving ways on the night of Halloween.

For the past few years, only a handful of children have shown up at my doorstep, jack o’lantern shaped pail in hand.  So expectations were running low when my first trick or treater arrived, 2.5 hours into the night.

He was a nervous, tree-trunk sized iron man, staring me down half way across my driveway. By the time he inched his way towards me, his mom was practically exploding with excitement, camera in hand. This was a moment that would be captured forever, his very first house!

To this, I decided it would be appropriate to toss bags of unidentifiable candy into the air (sorry kiddo), rapper style. In that moment, there was a shift in the air, like a call to the masses. Just like that, hordes of glittering cowgirls and spider-men stumbled upon my doorstep. It wasn’t long before I realized my reckless ways couldn’t sustain me. I tried to save myself by doling out a single candy, but it was too late. Just as fast as the kids had arrived, my supplies dried up. Of course, though, this didn’t stop the apocalypse of Anna’s and Elsa’s from toddling towards my front porch.

A flat lay of the classics purchased at a post Halloween sale.

“Knock! Knock! Knock!”

“There’s no use in opening that door,” I whispered to myself,  “Pull yourself together and stay strong, you ca-wait. Is that a baby crying?”

You’ve probably already guessed it, but I broke down. I was officially that frantic neighbour handing out pouches of blue Kool-Aid (not the mini mars bars everyone was hoping for).

Moral of the story? Buy more candy than you think you need.


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