All Checkered Out

Even before the likes of Harry Potter and Gossip Girl, uniforms have always been my thing. So you can imagine what a big year 3rd grade was for me! Not only did I snag the role of frog #3 in a class play, I also donned a uniform for the first time after moving to Thailand.

It was love at first sight.

The boxy, Peter Pan collared shirt was nothing short of perfection – so sweet and androgynous. Not to mention my Mary Janes and little white socks. Just the thought of them had me clicking my heels like Dorothy in the Oz.



Over the years, this niche obsession has spilled over into my closet, so I was super psyched when I discovered this plaid skirt awhile back. Full length and musty, I rescued it from the bottom of a big old bin and picked it up for only a dollar. I remember afterwards, rushing home and promptly chopping off the ends – to this day it’s still one of my favourite pieces. That’s the great thing about thrift stores, though. You never know what kind of magic is waiting for you to stumble upon.

Keeping with this school girl theme, I opted for a grey turtle neck, some knee high socks and a pair of classic riding boots. To toughen up the look, I finished it off with a faux shearling Moto jacket! Silver hardware is my version of sparkles.


Turtleneck: (similar here) | Faux Shearling Moto Jacket: (similar here) | Plaid skirt (similar here) | Socks: (similar here) | Riding boots: (similar here)

Speaking of sparkles (or er, lack thereof), is anyone else feeling the Winter blues? This season hasn’t been too bad, but darkness can be a powerful thing. For me, just stepping outside for a few moments and going for a walk always helps. Or even just reminding myself of all my favourite moments from this season.  Like that evening spent sprawled across the floor of my best friend’s bedroom, writing lists. Or the cool whip of wind as I skied down a snowy path. Look hard guys, you’ll find the speckles of light that dot your path!

P.S Don’t forget to keep your calendars posted ladies (and men). Valentine’s day is approaching, and we all know what that means… post V-Day chocolate sales! Woohoooo!

P.P.S Happy Chinese New Year, all!   Don’t forget to call grandma.

Until next time,



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