Cool for the Summer

Despite entering the world as a summer baby, I have a deep animosity for heat. Everything feels sticky, the air is hard to breathe and surviving public transportation means either a) perfecting the art of not breathing or b) discreetly spraying Febreze on all offending passengers. Neither way is easy.

That being said, a cold glass of anything is the perfect way to escape from the heat. If I had a choice, though, I’d take a swig of these drinks to cool off my insides:
For all you old souls, spice up this classic by adding some denture shaped ice cubes, or even better, a literal pinch of spice. Besides – taking regular swigs of water will keep you hydrated and prevent you from becoming that girl who fainted at Beyonce’s concert.
I don’t know why this is on my list, seeing as my first reaction to tasting it was to scrape my tongue clean. However, my sister insists it’s crazy refreshing and the cute packaging equals instant Instagram goals. I, however, insist it tastes like a freshly scrubbed hospital.
Ramune Pop (Lychee Flavour)
Lychee-flavoured pop? Yes, please! I haven’t had a fizzy drink in so long, but recently I’ve been downing them like a Netflix marathoner; can’t stop won’t stop. If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t have taken a second glance at this had my sister not picked it up due to its unique, glass marble seal. To open it up? Simply push down on the marble with the sharp point of your lid and *POP* the sphere tumbles into the depths of your drink, creating a fizzy celebration in the palm of your hand!
Fresh Young Coconut Water
If you’ve never tried this before then you. are. missing. out. This drink epitomizes my childhood and makes for the perfect summer beverage. It’s light, smells like the sea and fills you up with those much-needed electrolytes (the canned coconut drinks are nothing compared to the real thing). Plus, you get the added bonus of scooping out some yummy coconut meat to chew on. So what are you waiting for?  Drive on over to your local China Town or Asian superstore!
With love,

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