Sneakers & Stripes

2Hey, everyone!

Just got back from dinner and I am absolutely pooped. Despite face planting in bed for the greater part of the day, I managed to drag myself out of my cavern of bedsheets and half-read novels to make it in time for my aunt’s birthday dinner. We ended up going to my uncle’s new Thai/Laos restaurant by the beach, which was so lovely – it’s always nice to spend a few hours with loved ones and great food!

Next thing I knew, though, my stomach was bursting at the seams from all the pad see-ew, spring rolls and the plethora of appetisers stacked onto our table. So much goodness, followed by so much regret (I knew I shouldn’t have munched on so many rice crackers beforehand).3

Top: DIY
Skirt: The Gap
Shoes: Stan Smiths 
Cross-body bag: Target (similar)

That being said, I’m so glad my work skirt, crumpled as it was, is a size too big, resulting in ample wiggle room. Since it’s designed for professional wear and usually falls just above the knees, I ended up folding the hem and pulling the skirt high above my belly button – improvisation, friends. To finish off the outfit I pulled on this striped Zara top (which was originally a maxi dress I ended up hemming), my sister’s tawny brown crossbody and these Stans which are apparently my uniform of choice for this summer. The design is just so simple and sleek, it matches practically every single outfit, meaning…I’ve been slipping them on practically every single day. #noragrets

Note to self: stock up on easy, breezy basics. You know, those t-shirts and shorts you can throw on for impromptu summer adventures and (literal) ice-cream truck runs.

Anyway, hope you’re all having a fantastic Saturday! May this weekend be filled with fries, sunshine and 10/10 selfies.

With love,




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