Levi’s x Harvey Milk Foundation | OOTD

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Ordinary tee made not so ordinary with red piping and a milk carton doodle reminiscent of Olympia Le-Tan’s cheeky styled prints ($28).

A couple of weeks ago I was strolling through the mall, disappointed by the endless (and quite frankly, boring) selection of clothes, when I passed by the Levi’s window display. My dopamine levels probably tripled as I rushed over to stare at the cutest ringer tee I had ever laid eyes on. It wasn’t until I picked up the tee that I knew it was mine, because if there’s one thing I love more than fashion, it’s fashion for a cause. And this tee was it.

Earlier this year, Levi’s teamed up with the Harvey Milk Foundation for their (gender neutral!) pride collection to celebrate and honour the work of Harvey Milk (1930-1978). If you’re unfamiliar with this name, Milk was the first openly gay politician to be elected in California. He made waves during his time in public office (though was later assassinated a year after election) and was known for his fierce advocacy for LGBTQ rights, marginalized groups, unions and equal rights for all. To this day, Milk’s legacy continues through the Harvey Milk Foundation, established by nephew, Stuart Milk and campaign manager, Anne Kronenberg.

One of the great things about this collaboration is that it’s global, allowing Milk’s message to be spread in places where the LGBTQ community is less visible and lacks support. The whole concept of this pride collection was to not only celebrate, but to educate, and this collection does just that.

Fun fact! This particular t-shirt design was apparently a no-brainer since Milk wore a ringer t-shirt during his fateful “Hope” speech at the Gay Freedom Parade. One of my favourite things about this item is the backside, which includes a timeline of the major LGBTQ events in American history. This way, you can drop some knowledge wherever you go, whether it’s the girl’s bathroom or the froyo lineup – drop it like it’s hot.

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4 thoughts on “Levi’s x Harvey Milk Foundation | OOTD

  1. Jerry Pritikin says:

    Harvey was the first Openly gay politician elected in California, there were others before him. Harvey was also known for his support of unions, sadly just after the announcement of this Levis/Milk campaign… Levis closed its last factory in America and moved it to Mexico… if Harvey was alive, he would of been in the front line of a boycott of Levis! I knew Harvey as a friend.

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    1. rosyblush says:

      Hey Jerry, thanks for the fact check! I’ll be sure to make an edit to the post. And, wow. That’s amazing that you knew Harvey Milk – his story inspires me to the core. You had a good friend, sir. I had no idea about the factory close down, but I’m sure Harvey would’ve been behind the boycott as well!


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