Meeting Estée Lalonde 

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Us doing the “Michelle face” aka the face my sister (far right) is known for doing!
Selfie-ing it up with Aslan. His 6’2 to our 5’2-5’4 isn’t too apparent in this photo.
Sweet grandma Mary!
We were the last group to see Estee, so there were only a few of us left in the store by this time.
Hugging it out!!!
Me gushing to Estee about her banana bread recipe and telling her all about my YouTube channel. She was very supportive of my goals to hit 10 subscribers (;

I’ve tried to write this post a million and one times, but no words can capture how truly wonderful it was to meet this Canadian babe – You can just see it on my face! What you can’t see are the photos I’ve buried in the trash – aka the ones in which I’m guffawing in the background with uncontrollable delight. If you ask my sister, she’ll let you know I blanked on everything I wanted to say the moment Estee greeted me “hello”. I’ll admit it, guys, I’m a lame-o. I’d probably fangirl over the city mayor if I had the chance to (and by probably, I mean I already have…). In my defense, his last name sounds like the word ‘burger’… but I digest – I mean, digress.

If you don’t know who she is, Estée is a beauty/lifestyle YouTuber and blogger. She recently released her lifestyle book ‘Bloom’ and was back in her hometown of Waterloo 2 weeks ago to meet up with us viewers for a book singing. So exciting!

I’ve been watching her since my high school days so she has a special place in my heart; it’s her genuine, down to earth persona I’ve always been drawn to from the start. I was grinning so hard my cheeks started to hurt during those few minutes on stage. Palms sweating, hands gripped tight against the book, I felt like the floor fell out from under me when one of the women told me to head onstage. I remember the only thing running through my head was “BUT I’M NOT READY!!!” as I clumsily pushed one leg past the other up the small, black stairs.

Turns out she is exactly how she is in her videos – super sweet and absolutely flawless. I was genuinely confused as to how one person can look so amazing in a crowd of well-dressed youngsters but she managed to do it!

Although I haven’t finished the book yet (I started last night and was halfway done by the time I closed my eyes!) I’m already in love. Super excited to write a review about it and share all the feels with you guys. Ahhh!

Has anyone else picked up Bloom? Which YouTubers would you love to meet? I’d love to know!

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With love,




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