The V word.

Ever since going (gasp) vegan, this weird thing happens where when I close my eyes for more than a second I see myself scarfing down a dairy filled pastry. My mouth starts watering, my hand reaches out into nothingness and when I open my eyes I’m met with empty stares and suggestions that I visit my non-existent therapist. Someone should have told me my 7 years being vegetarian would be easy peasy compared to this.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, but all I can think of are flashbacks to the ice-cream aisle I passed by earlier today. Followed by this is the intense urge to just let it all out via the text equivalent of a pillow scream:


Super cathartic.

Due to my excessive cheese and dairy cravings, I am shocked I have lasted these past 10 days. I will not lie, though, my decision to go vegan was entirely on a whim. Unprepared and filled with sadness, I was left to munch on lettuce leaves and a single tomato the next day – what culinary dreams are made of. Of course, though, alongside struggles always comes a glimmering lesson emerging from the depths of your despair, and for me, that was learning how to cook. I’m actually using a stove, guys!

So far I’ve made a quinoa salad, garlic herb potatoes and, and, and…okay, that’s actually all there is. Prior to writing this sentence I thought the list would be longer but now I realize my brain has confused the act of cooking with watching culinary videos on YouTube. Close enough? I also picked up my “Oh She Glows” cookbook awhile back at the recommendation of Emma, which has been dreadfully neglected, so I can’t wait to put it to good use!

For now though, this is my journey into veganism; naive, messy and oh so eager. Praying a vegan burger stand appears in front of my block in the next week, I develop a sudden love for kale, and every cute shoe I look at stops containing leather contents *finger guns.*

For now, I’m signing off! To all you vegan babes, let me know if you guys have any tips to help keep my dairy cravings at bay!

Update: I’ve been scrolling through the ‘vegan’ tag and it is so, so dangerous. It’s 1AM and everything looks so good.

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Until next time,



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