Doughnuts: a Love Affair



Although doughnuts are not the perfect pastry, they come pretty close to absolute perfection. As a kid, standing in front of Tim Horton’s glass displays, eyes swirling from all the options available, I would always be left in a state of amazement. So soft and full of sweetness, each slab is an opportunity for a new visual and flavourful storytelling by way of frosted designs, coloured sprinkles and the occasional fresh fruit.

Ever feel jaded by the world? This year’s American election? Sit yourself down at your local bakery, feast your eyes on that doughy slab of goodness, and I swear to you the world will seem whole again, if only just for a moment. 

In my humble opinion, it is worth that single buck for a fleeting moment of glorious, heavenly, soul stretching escape. 

What are you waiting for? Take a bite. 

Disclaimer: this was originally written after a day of fasting with my friend, Rida. Needless to say, food was on my mind and writing this was cathartic af.

With love,




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