Cyber Monday Wishlist

Tis’ the season for consumerism!

I don’t know about you guys, but I may or may not have spent more than I intended to on Black Friday… sometimes, you just want to buy those cute culottes from Zara, but their $50+ free shipping has you throwing in random items you wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

Just when my wallet thought it could finally relax, BAM. Cyber Monday comes crashing through my windows like an out of control toy airplane. Eyes drowning in a sparkling pool of mediocre sales, everything looks oddly alluring.

So to soothe my aching soul I curated this Cyber Monday Wishlist I (almost) hit purchase on.

Untitled #3

1. Pink mule 110 CAD
Pro: Pink has been having a moment this past year, and I’m seriously in love. Combine that with a suede, low-heeled shoe? Catch me, I’m ready to faint ya’ll. Not to mention, I’ve been coveting this shoe for 4 months now… that’s dedication.
Reasons not to buy: My wilting bank account. Also, it’s been at this sales price for the past 2 months… no additional sale, no bueno!

2. Skirt 40.80 CAD
Pro: Again, I’ve been wanting this skirt for absolute ages now. Denim skirts are super simple, fun and easy to match. You can go super fun, classic or casual depending on your mood.
Reasons not to buy: It barely covers the cheeks.

3. Amaze Glasses 108 CAD
Pro: The frames look like someone brewed themselves a cup of coffee and downed it in cream. Glorious.
Con: A mob of pre-teens might shout “four-eyes” at me when I go to buy nut cheese at my local grocery store. But also, my bank account.

4. Sweater 42 CAD
Pro: This encompasses two of my favourite things – stripes and bell sleeves. Win, win.
Reason not to buy: you’ll crave Oreos every time you slip it on. No thank you, cookies and cream.

5. Skirt 40.80 CAD
Refer to #2

6. T shirt 13.20 CAD
Pro: This will match the pink, cropped pants I bought from Zara during my Black Friday walk of shame. It’s so perfectly oversized and a good wardrobe basic to mix and match with practically anything in my wardrobe.
Reason not to buy: I already have a boatload of basic tees… do I really need another?

T shirt 13.20 CAD
Ditto (this colour though!!!!!!!!)

And that’s it for this year’s Cyber Monday round-up! The day’s almost over, and I have yet to spend a single nickel. Pretty proud of myself, I have to say.

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