Party Like It’s 2017

Happy first week of 2017, everyone!

I’ve been away for a hot second, so I thought I’d share some highlights from the past few weeks leading up to the new year:

Cake and Candles 
My sister turned a year older this winter, so I scooped some vanilla bean seeds into a bowl and baked her a cake. It’s practically a yearly tradition now that we forget to purchase candles, so I made some makeshift ones out of paper and silver glitter that covered every surface imaginable. Sitting there singing happy birthday, it felt like nothing and everything had changed.

My sister, staring dreamily into the cake mere minutes before biting into the rock-like pastry. The ingredients? Gritty bits of (un-powdered) cane sugar, silver sparkles and 1/2 tbsp of my tears.
Playing Catchup
There are few people in this world that know me like Asimah does. We met on the playground during the Fall of third grade where I offered her a smile and she gave me her friendship. Despite the different paths we walk, she’s always been a constant source of light in my life, so it was nice to catch up and laugh, then laugh some more. We filmed the whisper challenge, but halfway through my camera died. So instead, we did the next logical thing and traipsed downstairs to snap polaroids of ourselves next to the Christmas tree.

Confession: It took a solid 5-10 minutes trying to make sure these photos didn’t fall! We’re kind of adorable though, I know
Mental Health 
My depression is always coming and going, but this December was particularly difficult for me. I wanted fairy lights and Christmas carols, so instead I got unrelenting anxiety and hot tears spilled across my face. The more you brush them away, the faster they flow it seems. I got by with some blankets, hot tea, and ignoring the slippery voice in my head.

Mini goals for the new year: 
1. Make time for self-care
2. Meditate more
3. Start a gratitude journal
4. Take more photos

My sister suprised me with broadway tickets to one of my favourite movies – Strictly Ballroom! I was so excited I cried.
New Years Eve
It was cold but in a nice way. The air clung to me like plastic wrap and I remember my niece diving out from the living room to say hello. Brimming with energy, she reminds me of those Pop Rock Fireworks I used to throw off the balcony – tiny zaps of joy.

We spent most of the night playing cards and eating Laos food, legs tangled in the cramped living room while singing karaoke. In my head, everyone else spent the night celebrating with fireworks and sparklers and probably chugging buckets of glitter. But I’m content with spending time inside with my loved ones and greeting the new year through prayer. It keeps my soul happy and content.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my page these past couple years. I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve posted something in this style, but it feels nice to be back. Will definitely try my best to be more consistent and post more content on both my blog and YouTube channel this year… we’ll see, though!

A photo of me staring down lovingly at a bowl of ketchup chips probably
If you’re still reading this, you’re the coolest and I love you. What are some of your new year’s resolutions? Let me know in the comments so I can cheer you on!

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Until next time,


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