Too excited to sleep! | Strictly Ballroom

It’s currently 3:07am and I am so incredibly excited about this Wednesday, so much so that my eyelids refuse to shut close. My sister bought tickets for ‘Strictly Ballroom The Musical’ this past Christmas, meaning, I have spent the last six months in a state of overzealous anticipation. Unfortunately, she won’t be attending due to work obligations, but I’m ecstatic nonetheless. I should mention, it was really freaking hard finding someone to take her place since everyone’s so busy and tickets are so expensive.  No worries though, I’ve found someone to tag along now but I would really love it if I could find fellow musical theater lovers like myself to befriend. There is a certain pain that comes along with not being a great singer or dancer but wanting to belt and dance to all the show tunes anyway, and I would like to share that pain with someone. It is a problem. That being said, I have watched less than a handful of musicals all these years, none of which have featured my Broadway boyfriend, Aaron Tveit. That is another problem.

See how disappointed he is by this?

More about Strictly Ballroom: this movie stole my heart ever since I was introduced it to a few years ago by my lovely sister, Michelle (the musically inclined offspring). She was not a fan, but I was immediately engulfed by this world of dance and romance. Sure, the film is zany and offbeat, but that’s what I love about it! There isn’t enough ‘weird’ on TV these days, and when there is, it mainly consists of overly polished quirkiness a la New Girl.

Sidenote: I’ve never used the Toronto subway on my own before so I’m a little nervous about Wednesday. It’s literally only one stop away from Union Station (LOL) so I should be completely fine, but I have a track record of getting myself lost with even the simplest of directions. I’ll keep you guys updated though, maybe tweet for help if I accidentally find myself lost in a forest 5 hours from civilization. Also, if you saw me this past hour, you’d probably be alarmed by the amount and intensity in which I consumed all the “Strictly Ballroom The Musical” videos currently online. Audition tapes? Been there. Trailers? Done. Behind the scenes? Yes times a thousand.

Anyway, that’s it for now, I should definitely get to sleep soon … my skin is going to pay for my wide-eyed excitement in the morning.

Sending you all the good vibes,


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