Greetings, creatures of the internet!

I’m Monica: your average fashion obsessed, pun-loving, vegan weirdo with an all-consuming love for the written word. If I’m not tripping over my own feet, you can probably find me doing cartwheels under the stars at 2AM. Or maybe just under my covers, consuming an alarming amount of pop-culture knowledge.

Rosyblush is a space for me to document my travels, personal musings, culinary adventures, thoughts on fashion and everything in between. It is my not-so-secret diary of sorts. A place to connect with like-minded souls like yourself!

Feel free to explore my blog and drop me a comment – let’s be friends! Until next time…dream big, think positive and live your fullest life.

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5 thoughts on “About Me

    1. rosyblush says:

      Karen, thanks so much!! Your blog is seriously wonderful, it’s no wonder I’m always on there! And oh gosh, I’ve been MIA for way too long now. I’ll definitely be putting up a new post soon though, so you’ll be seeing more of me very soon! Thanks again for stopping by my blog, YOU’RE THE BEST – the absolute greatest (:


    1. rosyblush says:

      Wow, that truly means a lot to me! It’s such a beautiful thing, meeting likeminded people through blogging. I hope we can keep in touch and I cannot wait to check out your blog, Lisa 🙂 Just seeing your icon photo, I can already see you have a beautiful smile!


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