White Is The New Black 

If you’ve read my latest blog post, you’ll know I have a certain affinity for white footwear. A few years ago, I would have skulked into the shadows of teenage embarrassment if my mom picked up any shoe in the realm of white. Nowadays, however, I have a fine appreciation for fun, chunky sandals in this modest colour scheme. Like all things obsessive (we’re talking 1D, Mindy Kaling and spinach) I decided to round up my favourites floating along the internet… in collage format. You’re welcome!
White Is The New Black
1. Office white sandals53 CAD – office.co.uk
2. Carvela white sandals160 CAD – johnlewis.com
3. Windsor Smith white shoes125 CAD – theclutcher.com
4. Platform sandals47 CAD – prettylittlething.com
5. Y.R.U. white shoesasos.com
What do you guys think? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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